Our menu covers delights from contemporary Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine.


Mediterranean Greens, Crispy Vegetables, Lime Sos
Kale Salad, Raw Arthichoke Slices, Lemon Confit Sauce
Arugula, Kohlrabi, Cherry Tomato, Parmesan Leaves, Balsamic Sauce
Grilled Hellumi, Asparagus, Dried Tomato, Balsamic Lemon Sauce
Young Spinach, Roasted Beetroot, Goat Cheese, Orange, Honey Mustard Sauce
Mushroom and Kinoa Salad
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Salad, Romaine Lettuce, Root Vegetables and Mustard Sauce


Chestnut Soup, Smoked Duck Strips, Crouton
Fish Soup


Burrata, Cherry Tomato, Olive Paste, Basil Olive Oil Sauce
Beef Carpaccio, Artichoke Heart, Mini Carrot
Pan Seared Goose Liver, Cornelian Cherry Quince, Carrot Puree, Balsamic Reduction
Sautéed Green Asparagus, Parmesan Lemon Sauce
Artichoke cooked with Olive Oil, Fava Bean Purée
Fresh Spinach Roots cooked with Olive Oil
Zucchini Blossom filled with Various Spices
Sea Bass Ceviche, Avocado Coriander Sauce
Charcoal Grilled Octopus, Beetroot, Baby Roasted Potato, Arugula Mint Sauce

Pasta & Risotto

Shrimp and Lemon Zest Risotto
Beef Tail Risotto
House made Tagliolini, Lightly Spiced Tomato Sauce
House Made Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese, Asparagus, Porcini Sauce
House Made Squid Ink Spaghetti with Seafood
Spaghetti with Seafood, Tomato Lime Sauce


Wild Sea Bass, Saffron Potato, Baby Carrot, French Beans, Bisque Sauce
Grilled Salmon Fillet, Wild Rice, Broccoli, Yellow Beetroot
Pan Seared Bluefin Tuna, Market Vegetables, Lemon Soya Sauce


Slow Cooked Lamb Neck
Grilled Lamb Loin, Kinoa with Oysters Mushroom, Baby Radish Confit
Slow Cooked Beef Rib, Lemon Risotto, Pomegranate Reduction
Slow Cooked Beef Cheek, Beet Couscous, Sautéed Spinach Root
Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak, Sautéed Vegetables
Thinly Sliced Beef Tenderloin with Café de Paris Sauce, French Fries
Charcoal Grilled Fillet of Beef with Morel Mushroom Sauce, Steamed Young Vegetables
Stuffed Swiss Chard filled with Minced Lamb and Beef, served with Yogurt
Chicken and Vegetables Duet, Celery Root Purée
Köfte, Finely Chopped Ground Beef and Lamb, mixed with Sans’s Secret Recipe of Spices


Lime aged Crispy Pumpkin, Fresh Buffalo Clotted Cream
Quince Tarte Tatin, Vanilla Ice Cream
Lemon Cheese Cake
Earl Grey Créme Brulée
Strawberry Mille-Feuille
Chocolate Mousse
Mastic Rice Pudding
Our Famous Chocolate Soufflé

Ice Cream



Bodrum Mandarin
Bitter Chocolate